Zau[:ber:]g Tobogganing Run – Day and Night

Rodelbahn Zauberberg Semmering The story of the magician Siebenstein and the evil dragon Feuerzahn is told to passengers on the more than 3 kilometers long Zau[:ber:]g Adventure Toboggan Run.

Fantastic constructions, tunnels and magical light effects turn tobogganing into a unique experience!

Route description
A. The Magician’s Portal (Start)
B. Lost Dwarves’ Castle – Thunderstorm Bend
C. Weasels’ Camp
D. Runes Gate
E. The Dragon’s Mouth and the Wishing Tree
F. The Gate of Eyes and the Forest of the Thousand Eyes
G. In the Bears’ Valley
H. Dimension Tunnel
I. Magic Garden
J. Rainbow Bend
K. Runes Forest
L. The Enlightenment
M. The Magician’s Castle (Finish)